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Targeted Email Marketing Program

Email marketing is an effective, low-cost method of sending your advertising message to a targeted audience and is essential in today’s economic times. Special offers, new product announcements and newsletters sent by email are the most inexpensive form of advertising available.


Email marketing is the only affordable solution to keep in contact with existing customers and find new customers. Every company with an online presence should begin and maintain an email strategy today!


I have many years of experience setting up successful opt-in email marketing campaigns and knowing the rules to avoid restrictions being placed by Internet Service Providers that filter email messages being sent through their system.


To allow for a good response from your email campaign, your messages must arrive at their destination and opened by the recipients for maximum impact.  

Consequently, you need proof that your messages are being received and how many are opened.


I furnish email tracking data logs showing when the messages are sent, when they are received and if they are opened.


Also, unlike many popular mail servers who limit the number of email messages being sent per hour, I have no such limitations because all messages are sent on my own servers.


My pricing compares favorably to competitors because I charge based on the total number of messages sent per month and there is no minimum or maximum on the number of messages sent per mailing.   


It is best to use your established internal opt-in mailing list of email addresses and continue to build the list thru various methods. I can assist in helping you start to build your own list or to continue building an existing list.


If you want to send a mailing to a targeted group of businesses, I can furnish that type of opt-in email list, based on your needs.


Messages can be personalized and sent in an HTML and/or text format to give the best opportunity for your recipients to read and respond to your offer.


I can help with writing your message content and formatting the email page to insure links are set up properly.


Contact my office today and let’s discuss an email marketing program that will help your company get more business.

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