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Direct Mail Gets Results!

For the best measured response in a direct marketing campaign, develop a target market of qualified prospects to contact, send your message by direct mail and quality leads will respond.

Our complete "One Stop Shopping" direct mail program includes:

  • Developing the best mailing list for your needs.
  • Printing the mailing pieces economically.
  • Processing the mailing pieces quickly and efficiently.
  • Processing the mailing addresses to insure maximum postal savings on bulk mailings.

We take care of all the details for a direct mail program. Consequently, you can spend your time more effectively by focusing on other aspects of your business.

The primary goal in any direct mail campaign is to get a positive response. If the target market is well defined and the mailing piece has the right message, a response rate of 1% - 5% can be achieved.


The most common applications of direct mail include:
  • Selling products and services directly to prospects and customers.
  • Generating qualified leads for sales follow up.
  • Converting inquiries or leads into sales.
  • Increasing sales to current customers.
  • Introducing new products and services, especially to vertical or specialized markets.
  • Selling vertical applications of horizontal products.
  • Building or promoting a dealer/distributor network.
  • Selling follow up or aftermath products and services.
  • Selling into marginal territories.

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